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Construction Staffing Solutions

It doesn’t matter what industry you serve. Running a lean workforce shouldn’t be a reaction to economic or market pressures… it should be your way of doing business. 
Our clients are already achieving remarkable profit margin growth as the economy rebounds, by maintaining a smaller, “right-sized” core workforce of A and B+ employees, and supplementing them with high-quality contingent craftsmen only when their workload calls for it.
We are uniquely positioned to provide you with the skilled craftsmen that make sense for your company through our construction staffing services. 
Make the Right Choice

It’s all about workforce optimization: rather than staffing during slow periods in anticipation of upcoming work (when skilled labor costs increase while productivity per worker drops), our clients can count on our skilled contingent workforce for the safe, skilled craftsmen they need when they need them. Result: savings that can be used to improve payroll and benefits for core staff. This, along with fewer layoffs during slow periods, boosts employee morale and productivity. For our clients, it’s a win-win.

It’s all part of our construction labor support solutions. More than just filling an immediate need, our goal is to ensure you receive the ongoing staffing support and productivity consulting you need to keep your business moving forward. The end result being that you’re more efficient while freeing your company from the hazards of excess payroll. 


We offer construction labor staffing solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry, your company and the workload at hand, including:

– Commercial Construction 

– Power Generation

– Heavy & Light Industrial 

– Alternative Energy

– Manufacturing & Fabrication 

– Petro- Chemical 

– Residential Construction

– Disaster Recovery 

– Marine 

– Construction management

I was unemployed for 8 months due to layoffs at my previous company when I contacted Astute Staffing Agency. When I spoke with Jamie on the phone, I realized I was talking to a person who was empathetic to my situation. He understood my skills and I knew he was going to direct me to the right employer. Jamie found me a job within a month and I have been there over a year. 

– Dave S- IT specialist/ Software Developer


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